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Bridgford Ready To Eat Sandwiches, Italian Style


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Tasty sausage truly at your convenience. With our ready-to-eat Italian Sausage with Sauce sandwich, take your sausage cravings anywhere.

Nutritional Benefits

320 calories and 11 grams of protein per serving.


3.5 ounces per sandwich

Storage Temperatures and Shelf Life

80° F or less = 3 years. 100° F = 6 months


No water or heating is required. Just tear open and eat.

ITALIAN STYLE SAUSAGE,PEPPERONIAND SAUCE IN BREAD INGREDIENTS:Bread (Enriched Bleached Flour [Wheat Flour,Malted Barley Flour,Niacin, Iron,Thiamine Mononitrate,Riboflavin, FolicAcid],Water, Partially Hydrogenated Soybean and Cottonseed Oil,Glycerol,Yeast, Salt, Sucrose Ester,Dough Conditioners[Wheat Flour,Diacetyl TartaricAcid Esters of Mono & Diglycerides{DATEM}, Soy Oil,L-Cysteine Hydrochloride, Enzyme,AscorbicAcid,Azodicarbonamide {ADA}],GumArabic,CalciumSulfate, Xanthan Gum,Glucona Delta-Lactone, SorbicAcid), Tomato Sauce (Tomato Paste [Tomatoes,Tomato Juice,Salt,CitricAcid],Glycerol, Parmesan/Romano Cheese [Pasteurized Cow's Milk,Culture, Salt, Enzymes],Olive Oil, Sugar,Garlic Powder,Dried Onions, Spices, Salt),Marinated/Cooked Sausage (Italian Sausage [Pork, Salt,Water,Dextrose, Spices and Flavorings,MonosodiumGlutamate, SodiumNitrite], Rice Syrup,Glycerol,Water, Salt, Spices), Pepperoni (Pork, Beef, Salt,Water,Dextrose, Paprika, Spices and Flavorings,LacticAcid Starter Culture,Oleoresin of Paprika, SodiumErythorbate, SodiumNitrite, BHA, BHT),Mozzarella Cheese Powder(Mozzarella Cheese [Pasteurized Milk,Cultures, Salt, Enzymes],DisodiumPhosphate).Contains 21% Meat.Contains:Wheat,Milk. Calories Per Ounce: 91


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Bridgford Ready To Eat Sandwiches, Italian Style

Bridgford Ready To Eat Sandwiches, Italian Style

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