About us

  Our company

    Founded by Family men with young children , each wanted items to provide for and protect their own families.  They soon realized there is a real need in our country for an easy way to locate and purchase items that are useful and reliable for everyday use and more importantly, ready in any emergency situation.  This is the spark that has grown into Off Grid General Store LLC.

    Off Grid General Store LLC has been an evolving concept since Steve and Richard first started dreaming it up three years ago and we will continue to move forward with that flexibility in the future. Our goal is to investigate new ideas and products as they come to the marketplace.  As long as we believe they provide a real value to our customers we will offer those products.  We also appreciate the trust you instill in us and we respect your personal information.  Off Grid General Store LLC will never sell your information to anyone. We only use the information in service to you, our customer.

  Our founders

     Off Grid General Store LLC was founded by two regular guys with similar stories, Steven Link and Richard Prince.  Both of our founders grew up along the shores of Lake Erie where the weather can change from beautiful clear skies to deadly lake effect snow storms in a matter of hours.  They have both lived through many crippling storms and learned from a young age how to adapt to changes.  Each has a passion for the challenges of the outdoors and to this day can frequently be caught in the woods "testing" our products.